First off...
Cost for Skimishes are $25.
Cost for Night Tour games and Gas Gun League games are $20.
Cost for most Ops, such as the World Tour series, are normally $40.
Ops, as opposed to skirmishes, often have a dress (team color) code and a sign up page.
We do not carry rentals! You need your own gun and safety equipment to play!
We do sell BBs, CO2, Green Gas, and Twelve Grams at our Pro Shop set up on game days.
Visit this post on Facebook if you need to know our field rules!
Go here if you are looking for pictures of the field!

A long time ago...
The beginnings of RPC Airsoft began years earlier than the game of airsoft itself. The field located at 197 Sandown Road, Fremont, NH has been in use for pursuit sports since 1984 with a loyal cadre of players.

The field originally was used for paintball and laser tag, with many of those games consisting of nothing more than "tag" and simple "capture the flag" games. Experiments with other forms of equipment were plentiful, as players were always willing to try new ways of utilizing the idea of tag at a distance for games. From Frisbees to Nerf guns to golf balls with slingshots (don't try this at home... seriously) there has always been an open minded search for the ultimate pursuit game that involved lots of action, minimal initial investment and low on-going cost.

Guess who's coming to dinner...
While working at another field called Triad Paintball Games in Kingston, NH in the late 1990s, IcemanNH began to play with AEG, gas and spring airsoft guns. Although these guns may not be as advanced as what today's players may have come to expect in terms of functionality, reliability and durability, they were a blast to play with! Full auto in some cases and cheap ammo made for an exciting mix. The added benefit of relatively lighter and no mess hits, as compared to paintball, was just a bonus. Unable to convince the ownership at TPG to add airsoft as a specific form of play, the idea was relegated to use for impromptu games among friends at the Fremont property.

When the decision was made by Triad Paintball Games to close down TPG in 1999, the idea to open up the Fremont property as Rockingham Paintball Club was born.

And so it begins...
The first "official" season at RPC was only paintball as the field was still being set up and was very much a work in progress as the field went from "backyard" play to a "real" field. Scrub brush and deer paths became walled bunkers and a marked trail system. By the end of the first season RPC, or The Rock as it was affectionately called by the regulars, was up and running.

Beginning in the official 2nd season of the field, airsoft made its own official debut. The first games where once again populated by local friends and players. With the outside founding of NEASG as a resource for airsoft in the Northeast, additional players soon learned of "the fun field up in NH".

Time for some thrilling heroics...
Over time, the RPC player base has grown and contracted with the sport in general. New players and teams start and then sometimes fade away. The rolls of RPC teams and players are a who's who of airsoft in the northeast: Charlie Company, Shadow Kings, CESM, Nightstalkers, Reckless Ops, A.R.C.S., SITH Squad, CHUM, IROPs, EFC, SPIC, Dead Cell Unit, Massachusetts Tactical Beta Squad, Foxhound, Murdock, Rodan, Smalls, Trigger, Apoc, Shady J, Triscuit, Horr, Frost, Ubez, Cobalt, Gandalf, Hammer, Shark, Chabo, Walking Wounded, Joyce, MTHaynes, Conan, Guido, LEGO, Sturm, Geometrix and more. The Rock, like its namesake has endured. An industry leader in safety and game play, RPC Airsoft has undergone many changes while remaining a place for safe, fun and fair pursuit games!