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Game Cancellation Policy
At RPC Airsoft we play right through the winter, sometimes with snow up to our waist. However, mother nature tends to be a little more dangerous through her colder phase of the year.

Games held at RPC will be canceled if the weather poses a danger to life and limb either getting to and from the field or just being at the field.

Any and all cancellations will be posted by 7 AM the day on the news bar on the front page.

We do understand that some come quite far so we will always try to get the post up earlier, even the night before if possible, but remember that this is New England and the weather can turn in a matter of hours. We may not know conditions have worsened till we wake up in the AM.

Also, closed gates do not automatically mean a game is canceled. We & the staff sometimes run a little late due to weather ourselves. We may be on our way and just down the road a bit!

Lastly, for those that do come a distance to our field as well as any other in the Northeast, please understand that sometimes you may be having nice weather where you are and the field may be socked in with a hundred year storm. Snow happens.